LCHD Class Levels

All dancers will be given the opportunity to perform at multiple venues and to compete if they so choose. 

WEE SCOTS 1(ages 4 – 5)
Wee Scots 1 is a fun and interactive class for our smallest dancers to learn the basic concepts of highland dance.

WEE SCOTS 2(ages 5 ½ to 6)
In this class dancers will focus on combining movements and positions into dances in an uplifting, positive environment. 

HIGHLAND 1(ages 7 & up)
This class introduces students to the core skills of Highland dancing. Dancers will learn coordination and grace as they become confident in their dancing abilities, and master the Fling and Sword dances.

HIGHLAND 2(ages 7 & up)
Highland 2 is for continuing students who are seeking to learn more of the dances, including the Seann Triubhas, Lilt, and Flora.

HIGHLAND 3(ages 7 & up)
This is a twice per week class for more advanced, highly motivated students who want to challenge themselves to become better dancers.

HIGHLAND 4 (ages 14 & up)

An advanced class for experienced dancers to work on their technique and perfect dances.

SCOTTISH LADS(ages 7 & up)
Scottish Lads is specifically designed for boys only at multiple levels of dance.

TEENS/ADULTS(ages 16 & up)
Teens and adults of any age can come find their Scottish spirit in this recreational cardio blast class. No prior experience necessary.