A Wee Bit of Information on Highland Dance



Highland dance is a style of competitive solo dancing similar to ballet and Irish dancing that was developed in the Scottish Highlands centuries ago. The dances were passed down over the years to preserve the rich heritage of the Scottish people. It is a competitive and technical dance form that requires technique, stamina, and grace to perform.

Highland Dancing is a celebration of the Scottish spirit. Each dance is an amazing combination of strength, agility, movement, music, and costume.  Dancers typically dance to traditional Scottish music such as Strathspeys, Reels, Hornpipes and Jigs all played by an accompanying bagpiper.

The dances are made up of different parts, called steps and there are usually four or six steps to a dance. The dances are great fun and anyone, not just those with a Scottish heritage, can join in and learn the dances.



Although it originated in Scotland, Highland dancing is performed throughout the world today, by dancers of a variety of heritages. Highland dancing is now very popular all over Great Britain, the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Dancers make lifelong connections with other girls and boys from all over the world.